Children Protection and Care Systems


Unit 1

  1. Recognising the signs and symptoms of possible abuse
  2. Recording the signs and symptoms or behavior changes
  3. Understanding child protection procedures if abuse is suspected
  4. understanding the roles of professionals involved and your own role
  5. The legislation on child protection
  6. The rights of children
  7. what children need to learn in order to protect  themselves

Unit 2

  1. Why observing children is important
  2. Planning an observation
  3.  Methods of recording
  4. Carrying out an observation
  5.  Why observing children is important
  6. Planning an observation
  7.  Methods of recording
  8. Carrying out an observation

Unit 3

  1. Ensuring children's health and safety - Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  2. Ensuring children's health and safety - Children Act 1989
  3. Caring for animals in accorlance with hygiene .standards and health and safety requirements
  4. Evacuation procedures
  5. Responding to accidents
  6. Informing parents of an accident to their child
  7. Recording accidents and incidents
  8. The principles involved in selecting furniture and equipment
  9. Ensuring heating, lighting and ventilation are adequate
  10. Maintaining cleanliness and health and safety
  11. Planning the layout of a room
  12. Adapting the environment to help children with special needs
  13. Using outside areas with children
  14. What needs to be done at the end of sessions
  15. Maintaining stuck levels


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