Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control


  1. Work-related upper limb disorders
  2. Principles and Scope of Ergonomics
  3. The Ill-Health Effects of Poor Ergonomics
  4. Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders
  5. Display Screen Equipment
  6. Musculoskeletal Problems
  7. Visual Problems
  8. Psychological Problems
  9. Injuries Caused by Manual Handling
  10. Hierarchy of Measures for Manual Handling Operations
  11. Manual Handling Assessments
  12. Reducing the Risk of Injury
  13. Manual Handling Training
  14. Types of Manually Operated Load Handling Equipment
  15. Hazards Associated with Manually Operated Load Handling Equipment
  16. Precautions with the Use of Manually Operated Load Handling Equipment
  17. Safety in the Use of Lifting and Moving Equipment
  18. Positioning and Installation of Lifting Equipment
  19. The Organization of Lifting Operations
  20. Summary of the Requirements for Lifting Operations
  21. Types of Mechanical Handling and Lifting Equipment
  22. Conveyors and Elevators
  23. Fork-Lift Trucks
  24. Drivers must:
  25. Drivers must not:
  26. Other forms of Lifting Equipment
  27. Requirements for the Statutory Examination of Lifting Equipment
  28. Name: Department: Date:
  29. Appendix : Manual Handling of Loads: Assessment Checklist


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